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Small Shops. Big Shops. Restuarants. Fashion. Hair. Beauty. Barbers. Food Stores. Cafe's. Shoe Shops. Clothing. All retail and consumer services. Get quiet times or quiet days/weeks busy. Make 2020 YOUR year. Double your income? Hire more staff?
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reefc TO 60777 for a reply in seconds. NOTE: Due to Corona Virus this system is temporarily unavailable. It may not be needed by many business concerns once we return to work, for some time, as you are going to be very busy. Hang on in there. #Thiswillpass. If you are unsure about your client uptake upon re-opening your premises, or if you were struggling before Corona, needed more profit, less stress, improved trading, this amazing system will be back to work the moment you are. Let me help you grow your client base rapidly....

Double your cash-flow. Quickly. Here's how

Display A4 posters inside your shop and on your windows. That's it! So easy.

Your clients, community and passing footfall see your poster and text a code like "REEFC" or "Hair" or "GENNH" which is captured by my platform.

The text numbers are sent to your mobile, and email, daily. You store them. I store them. Safe and sound. A coupon is sent immediately to your subscribers mobile phone which they show you now (for buy 2 get 3 offers / or FREE treatment with haircut / or one drink with your meal etc:) or to use within days, or weeks, for your deduct 10% - 15% from single purchases campaign. Everyone is very happy. Send a new offer every few weeks. Double your income.....

You acquire hundreds
(thousands in due course) of mobile numbers, pretty rapidly, of buyers and purchase intent people, who have used, or intend to use, your particular services and/or products. They now have a reason, and prompt, to spend money with you, in the next week or two. *Or in a few days*. Or Now. Send a new offer every two weeks or every month. You decide. (I never use your numbers for my own or any other purposes).

A £20 service or product - (minus) 15% = £17.00 x 100 redeemed mobile coupons = £1.700.00 cash in till. Possibly monthly. That's just 4 users a day. That's easy.

Your Services Offered

Your services can go here. I have placed my general details and information about text marketing.

Works for all retail related services. Hair and beauty, restuarants, bars, clubs, fashion, take-outs, barbers, online stores, social media, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers. Double your income rapidly. If you sell a service and/or products, this is for you.

Call Mark on 07519 943579 to chat this amazing, money-making opportunity through. No sales pitch! Just a friendly, brief chat to answer your questions. 

Your Prices? Your Offers?

Your prices or offers here. Any information you want as it will be your site. More info: from me.....

I implement and run this system for you. Daily. I use advanced software systems to help me launch, manage and maintain your text marketing system, on a daily basis. This is the most powerful direct marketing system available. And it's very inexpensive. You do next to nothing but prosper accordingly.

Your Mission or Ethos {Statement}

What text would you like here? Mission statement? Ethos? Your journey? You decide....

Over 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes
. Your coupon is in the hands of your clients, and your incoming new clients, all the time. No losing it. 

A £20 service or product - (minus) 15% = £17.00 x 200 redeemed coupons = £3.400.00 cash in till. Possibly monthly. Just 8 users a day to achieve this. How many people pass your shop or premises each day? 
This is a beautiful, compelling, way of informing your visitors all about your business. You decide what information you would like to display and I get it all sorted in record time.

Due to my very affordable charges and the time involved in creating your new site, implementing all the many and essential technical SEO aspects, {search engine optimisation} along with the costs for me, of hosting your site on the best power-house platform online, I ask for payment in full on smaller projects @ £300 or less and 75% on larger projects.

I implemented this method after a couple of people let me down causing me to lose income and a lot of time. Namaste'


EXAMPLE: For a product or service you provide costing just £10 usually (now minus your 15% discount offer), with just 50% (50) return users on 100 coupons @ £8.50 per sale = £425.00 extra income. Less your £49.95 for 100 coupons = £375.00 to you. This can happen fast. In weeks. Start as soon as you can.

70% (70) redeemed coupons will produce over £595.00 extra cash injection. 100% (100) = £850.00 cash in till. I send reminders to those who have not yet used their coupon. Over *£200 a WEEK extra income, from month one is possible. Everyone loves a personalised offer or discount.

More Examples:

200 text coupons will cost you just £89.95 = £0.45 per coupon. 70% returns on £10 service = £1.300.00 extra income {@ 15% discount = £8.50 sales}. A 100% return profit of £1.700

A £20 service or product (-£3) = £17 sale x 200 redeemed coupons = £3.400.00 returns to you. Money Tree Magic.

A service or product costing £30 minus 15% = £25.50. x 50% redeeming of 500 coupons = £6.375.00 extra income. At 100% redemption (and why not) you will bring in app: £12.750.00 extra cash in hand. Or cheques in bank.

I grow your direct, non-intrusive mobile marketing list rapidly. The full monty, create campaigns, send, produce your posters, leaflets, the lot. Purchase monthly. New monthly code included in prices. 100 coupons. 200. 300. 400. 500.

We are. You are.

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Call Mark now to discuss. If not, I'm going to call you. It's just too good an opportunity not to learn more. A few minutes of your time to explain how powerful this system is and answer any questions you may have. Test my system.
Text "REEFC" NOW to 60777 (No " ").
REEFC > 60777 {Not working right now}

Thank you. Best wishes. Mark


I teach Advanced web design and SEO
One-to-One Tuition or One-to-Two

One afternoon to Advanced level from just £60ph or less for 1 to 2 classes

Mark @ work. New Haircutting Tuition Website coming next month.
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Be amongst the first to know about my new uploads,  ideas, videos, marketing tips and my well contained ego. Get in for the launch of my haircutting tuition website. I was taught by the best in the business and have always been in demand, very busy and profitable because of luck, fate or destiny. And Mike.
Forever in your debt mate.


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