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07519 943579


Mark @ Work and Lovin' It

Creative. Determined. Left-Field. Successful. Faced hard times. Overcame. Hate being 2nd in anything.
Bit of a show-off. Why not? A facilitator of fun, education and successful web design and SEO services. And Online/offline marketing magic. Google Great. Honest, I am. Web Design Devil. SEO Saint. Online Angel?
One amazing Son. Two amazing Grandsons. Terrific Family. Single. Hint?
Dislikes: Facebook even though I need it. Over-priced SEO and Web Dev. Global Eco-Crises. Fire. Rain. Extinction of anything except corporate entities, war, famine and global warming. And most TV
Likes: Morrissey. Springsteen. Lana-Del-Ray, obviously. Photography. Travel. Guinness. Red Wine. {Both in moderation}. Live Gigs. {As many as possible}. Showing Off. A Bit. Nice Folk. Being semi-retired. Serving others. Web Design. Teaching Web Design. SEO. Get in touch.