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Door Opening. Tills Ringing. Happy Staff. Busy Staff. Well Paid Staff. Very Happy Clients.

As a Hairdressing Salon owner and Barbershop owner for over 30 years I know pretty much everything about setting-up, managing, building up very successful shops, attracting and keeping clients, and marketing. I'm only too happy to advise you and it costs nothing.

My Hairdressing History.

Pretty much expelled from School. Nearly went to kids prison well before that. Difficult childhood. Learned to cut hair, (sort-of) at Technical College in the mid 70's on a Ladies and Gents City and Guilds 2 years course. Learned far more about chatting up attractive students. This beat the heck out of School. Spent Saturdays as a dogs-body in a few small Barbershops and one 1970's uneventful Ladies salon. Spent Saturday nights getting drunk in Disco's.

2 weeks before I left college a Barbershop rang asking for an improver. I got the gig. Started traing under a truly brilliant haircutter who went on to amazing things. Thank you Michael Bird. Forever.
After 2 years I went to live in Majorca for a summer season. Took my scissors and skills with me. Ended up selling tickets for beach parties. Honed my chat-up skills. ; o )

This was far better than college and I loved my time at college, and the parties. Long story short, I moved North, worked in many top salons before setting up my own in Ramsbottom, a fabulous and busy village. Had six staff within 18 months. All very busy. 10 years on, I sold, moved into Manchester and set-up a salon in the city. Became a wedding photographer through my passion for photography. As a salon owner it was easy to market this service. Retired 3 years ago to persue my passion in web design, SEO and online marketing. Watch me working here.

Campaigns. All done for you

Busy or not, this system takes time and expertise to organise, segregate, create and send campaigns.

That's where I come in. With over 20 years in online and offline marketing experience for my hairdressing and wedding photography business's, and my clients websites that I build and rank, I have tested every marketing platform out there. It takes days or weeks to grasp all the new software systems in web design, SEO and text marketing. Months to master some of them.

All done for you. It's taken me years to find the very best software and weeks to master them.

There are usually pit-falls. I spend around 40% of my time actually designing/creating and around 60% of my time studying all things web success related. Google. SEO. Marketing etc: New systems come online every week. Some brilliant, some average, some outrageously expensive. Marketing services in general, are usually very expensive to extortionate, and the returns most usually very dissapointing. As a web developer @ I am listed on certain sites that improve my rankings and get me noticed. I can make contact with prospects, for a price, to instigate communication. They are pretty expensive but I don't pay until I have made contact with anyone. Then it costs a small fortune but may be worth it. Time will tell.