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Increase your cash-flow. Quickly. Here's how

Get a killer website. Number one priority. It's essential.

Start Low Cost Google pay-per-click direct marketing. Never mind the £300 a month money merchants, you can start as low as £100 and get great results. £3.50 a day. But only with years of learning, or my certified marketing skills.

*A4 POSTER. *TEXT CODE. *OFFER. A good one. 20% OFF? Free treatment? Two for one? Free drink? 
*TIME OR TERMS LIMITED OFFER. Time for speed. Terms for ongoing promo @ once a month? Ideas....
Your clients, community and passing footfall see your poster and offer. People love offers.....

Text numbers are sent to your mobile, and email, daily. You store them. I store them. Safe and sound. A coupon is sent immediately to your subscribers mobile phone which they show you now (for buy 2 get 3 offers / or FREE treatment with haircut / or one drink with your meal etc:) or to use within days, or weeks, for your deduct 10% - 15% from single purchases campaign. Everyone is happy. Send a new offer every few weeks. Ramp up your income.....

You can acquire hundreds
(thousands in due course) of mobile numbers, pretty rapidly, of buyers and purchase intent people, who have used, or intend to use, your particular services and/or products. They now have a reason, and prompt, to spend money with you, in the next week or two. *Or in a few days*. Or Now. Send a new offer every few weeks. A £20 service or product - (minus) 15% = £17.00 x 100 redeemed mobile coupons = £1.700.00 cash in till. Possibly monthly. That's just 4 users a day. That's easy. Also embedded on your site. Drive local traffic.......

Recession is coming. Prepare now...

Pandemic, Brexit, Recession. A storm is coming. Online is the answer. Onine rent and rates, utilities, upkeep, are next to nothing.

You need an online shop, local. Ebay, Etsy where applicable, a Facebook shop, Shopify and/or a killer website with your own shop.

That's a lot of work. That's why you need 20 years of obsessive education in your marketing efforts. It's why you need me.

From just 60p a day web design, hosting, SSL, CDN, TLC. Very high rankings, to the top with £3 a day sensational link-building magic, citations, newsfeeds and the top of Google locally. We can do nationwide......

Your Prices? Your Offers?

Make an Offer to your visitors. Make it worthwhile. People are struggling terribly. Help them. Word and mouth, high praises.
To access your offer an email or mobile number must be submitted. Auto-email and/or text marketing campaign. Bingo..... : o }

My services are so affordable for many reasons. Recession is coming. It's better to have a lower profit margin {than usual} as this is better than losing a client, or not getting a look in. I work from home. I love web design and study Google Garage and Facebook marketing pretty much daily. You have to. They both change their minds by the month. Even weekly. This is my passion....

Most web design and marketing companies exploit others lack of knowledge. Not all. Most. Too profit orientated. Sadly, it's a fact.
I build SEO super-power websites and host them on extremely powerful servers. I can rank most companies to the top of Google. Bing, Yahoo pretty rapidly, organically and very cost effectively. I believe in fair play pricing. Pleasure is, to me, as important as profits.

Smash it. Do it. Less than £1 a day...

Native Advertising. Brilliant. Low cost. Highly targeted, as are all my marketing campaigns. Research, Analytics and Optimise. I do it. I implement by adding the coding, on your site. I adjust, tweak it, daily through my Google master account.

Text Advertising. Over 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes. Your coupon is in the hands of your clients, and your incoming new clients, all the time. No losing it. 

A £20 service or product - (minus) 15% = £17.00 x 200 redeemed coupons = £3.400.00 cash in till. Possibly monthly. Just 8 users a day to achieve this. How many people pass your shop or premises each day? 
This is a beautiful, compelling, way of informing your visitors all about your business. They text a short-code like 33344 to claim your offer and their number is entered into you capture system. 

Due to my very affordable charges and the time involved in creating your new site, implementing all the many and essential technical SEO aspects, {search engine optimisation}, research, optimisation, analytics, along with the costs to me, of hosting your site on the best power-house platform online, I ask for payment in full on smaller projects @ £300 or less and 75% on larger projects.

I implemented this payment method after a couple of people let me down causing me to lose income and a lot of time.

We are. You are.

> <

You know what to do....... ; o P

I teach Advanced web design and SEO
One-to-One Tuition or One-to-Two

One afternoon to Advanced level from just £50ph or less for 1 to 2 classes

Mark @ work. New Haircutting Tuition Website coming next month.
Register for launch date and preview special.

Design. Hosting. Updates. SSL. CDN. TLC


Be amongst the first to know about my new uploads,  ideas, videos, marketing tips and my well contained ego. Get in for the launch of my hairstylists, beauticians and Mens Grooming tuition and modertated community website. 

NOW is the time to implement your online strategy.